Ypsilanti, Michigan Uncharted


I got right into it today.

Tempted and eager for a handful of high quality photo opps within the city of Ypsilanti, Michigan, I took advantage of a warm 11:00am sunlight to capture this old Ypsilanti gem, a Peninsular Paper Company sign overlooking the Huron River and Ypsilanti Dam on top of an old city power plant. The Peninsular Paper Company supplied the Chicago Tribune paper for decades before closing down in 2001.

A narrow dirt road lead into the vacant buildings parking area, surrounded by tall trees and a constant purr of the rivers dam. From a glance the parking area appears as a popular lunchtime rest stop for Comcast Cable Service van drivers on lunch and stoners who prefer a quietly shaded area to smoke a quick bowl. I was on the move today and passed up on the opportunity to capture some pretty cool graffiti tag art wrapping the interior walls the vacant power plant building. Check this spot out if you’re ever in the Ypsilanti area – you’ll be rewarded with some pretty epic pictures if you do.

What photo tips are you applying to your travels and photo adventures these days?

Share in the comments below.

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