Operation Prehistoric Forest


The strap of seat belt rests across my chest as I steadily keep an even 55mph speed set on my 2008 Pontiac Vibes cruise control, in pursuit of what locals and popular blogs such as Thrillest.com call Prehistoric ForestLocated just outside of Onsted, Michigan you have to travel west around 15 miles or so from Ann Arbor via Michigan Ave to reach the once lively but currently deserted, magical Dinosaur theme park. The park conveniently revealed itself as I slowly descended a hill of Michigan Ave road to what looked to be a property management operating out of a pretty cool log cabin styled building. So I parked there because they were closed. With my camera pack to the shoulder, this adventure quickly turned into: Operation Prehistoric Forest.


In an almost “Jesse Eisenberg from Zombieland” kind of way, I began my quick shuffle through a side passage-way/ driveway to what seemed to be an old path to the storage or maintenance shed used by the park when it was open. Irrationally sized park props welcomed me (and my camera) as I moved forward along the road.


“65 million year old fallen Tree Trunk” or so it seems.

I’m 6’1…he (or she) apparently is not. 


What ensued during Operation Prehistoric Forest can be told more accurately in my upcoming portfolio scheduled to hit the blog this week. And to be honest – I speak much better with my camera. Check this place out! If you’re good at writing & enjoy writing, please contact me if you’d like to manage the editing and storytelling of my upcoming blog posts.


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