10 Alternatives to phonecheck-ing


We all get caught doing it: checking our phone. Far too often we’re checking our phone one to many times throughout the day. Sometimes you’re not even sure why you’ve checked your phone, but it felt right to you in the moment. The reasons why we check our phones range depending on the person but that leaves the question: How many reasons could you come up with that? Here’s my 10 Alternatives to phonecheck-ing that you may not of thought of.

  1. Grab glass of water or fill your water bottle
  2. Pet your Dog or Cat
  3. Find a desktop computer and search for something on Amazon
  4. Go to the gym or for a run
  5. Read a book
  6. Write or draw in a journal
  7. Grab a DSLR or point & shoot camera and go take pictures
  8. Go to the beach or for a walk in nature
  9. Count your money
  10. Get caught up with work and errands you’re behind on

Hope this list does help. Did I miss something? Leave a note in the comments.


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