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It was my birthday on April 11th and I needed to visit Detroit. So I did. If you’ve ever visited Detroit, you may want to cross the bridge over to Belle Isle Island in an attempt to take photos like most people, attend a F-1 race or explore Detroits only island. It’s all-around fun time. Belle Isle Island is the only place in Detroit where you could (and will once again) feast your eyes on renowned Belle Isle F-1 Race. With a nickname “Motor City” it’s only fitting that Detroit began hosting F-1 Racing in the 90’s, it’s so exciting that the city will soon be reviving the race again this summer. I can’t wait to be there and get pictures!


If a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll leave this post short and direct you all to my Instagram page, where a full gallery of my images are held. But I want to leave you beginners out there with some advice and inspiration. Ignore any self-doubt and take a lot of pictures. Taking pictures of everything is everything. 90% of your final photograph (the one you’ll most likely be happy with in the end) will appear in front of you as you’re editing it. 10% is left to simply have fun with the process and making sure your camera is already ready to capture what you see. Make big mistakes. If you make big mistakes in the beginning stages of learning the craft, you’ll lower the potential of learning worse mistakes down the road.


The photo above is the corner of Larned Street and E. Jefferson in Detroit, MI. In hindsight of taking this photograph, I felt mystified by it at first, unsure of how popular it would get on Instagram. It was only during the editing and playing with filter choices that I began listening to what the photograph was telling me. Yes, the photograph was telling me something – and was boldly stating “don’t let me suck!”. I hope that’s all I heard. What do you think? Do I still have shit in my ears? Leave some comments below if you want.



Philip Coron


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